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OC Bio : Iris Lynn Domineari
Full Name: Iris Lynn Domineari
Age: 15-17 (Depends on the storyline)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Sub/Dom Personality Details: He hates to lose or be bested at anything, so naturally, this includes sexual situations. He hates feeling weak or inferior and especially hates that he cannot always fight intimate situations. He tries very hard not to develop feelings for others, especially not romantically, out of fear. He knows he's not dominant material, but is terrified of being powerless or forced to submit to someone bigger than he is. He's especially afraid because if he developed feelings for someone that he'd hesitate and/or be unable to fight them (hurt them) in intimate situations, leaving him vulnerable. He has a very A-type personality. That, coupled with being sexually abused at a young age has left him a power-hungry control freak. Ironically, his control being broken and forced submission developed into a secret vice that he refuses t
:icondevlyndust:DevlynDust 1 0
Sub-Dom Character Scale by DevlynDust Sub-Dom Character Scale :icondevlyndust:DevlynDust 2 0
OC Bio : Juliette Jezabel Jezlyn
Full Name: Juliette Jezlyn
Nicknames: Jezabel
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Sub/Dom: He's moderately submissive but still has a lot of passion to him. he likes sex, but surprisingly) isn't the type to throw himself at someone and sometimes even plays hard to get. In a relationship, he wants his partner to ear it. As for one-night-stands... he's vain. If someone's pretty enough or if he's had a bit to drink or if he's just in the mood to, he's all for no-strings-attached sex. He's somewhat masochistic, too, so pain is a plus, especially if he's tied up or someone gets forceful. He secretly gets off on being degraded (probably as a twisted outlet that evolved from his past.)
Race: 'Slayer' (a sub-species of High Elf)
Eye Color: Blue-green/aqua
Hair Color: Vibrant purple with undertones of darker wine color
Hair style: Long, layered, usually worn loose
Skin Color: Pale, flawless
:icondevlyndust:DevlynDust 3 11
Original Character Yaoi RP Request
Bullet; Purple I'm looking for someone who has OCs that are not typical everyday human characters and would like an interesting 18+ RP.
Bullet; Purple This can be a one-time/one-shot RP or something more, depending on how things go.
Bullet; Purple I'm looking for a mature person to RP with, so no desu anime kawaii stuff. Anime-inspired artwork and such is fine, just no stereotypical "uke"/"seme" kawaii stuff, please.
Bullet; Purple I want detailed characters and experienced RPers. Paragraph format only, please.
Bullet; Purple I can do it via notes, email, DA chat or Skype. I'm flexible about themes and such, most kinks are okay, let me know what you have and what you want to do.
Bullet; Purple I am in USA EST (located in Ohio.) If you'd like to do live-time RPs (via messenger, chat, etc.) le
:icondevlyndust:DevlynDust 3 0
Voodoo Doll [WIP]
The smoke hung in the air, sickeningly sweet with a bitter edge. It curled painting strange, surreal shapes like ghosts coiling and struggling to survive as the man’s lips kissed at their unwilling edges, breathing them in. In the dark, his eyes opened, the pupils adjusting, dilating in the small amount of light as it shown from the burning wicks on the altar. Mixing with the thick smoke were the smells of bittersweet, grassy herbs and the thicker metallic tang of blood. The altar was covered in it, the remains of the latest sacrifices sticky and still twitching as they joined the layers. the bones would be cleaned and added to the others that already adorned the altar from previous nights such as this. All but the slender breastbone - the wishbone - of the dove that would be added in broken pieces to the mn’s Gris-Gris - his charm of power - that adorned his wrist like a morbid bracelet. Taking a final moment to listen, Elytra closed his ritual by snuffing the candles and
:icondevlyndust:DevlynDust 1 0

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Hey, sorry for the inactivity. It's been hard to keep up with things online lately because we're in the process of moving. I didn't think this would happen so suddenly, since it was supposed to be not until the end of April. But an opening came up in the place we were looking at for immediate occupancy and the unit that opened was less than the other one we'd been looking at (different floor) so we jumped at it. We're moving in this weekend and hopefully will be living there by Monday, once the electric is switched on. We won't have internet right away, so things may be quiet around here for a few days - hopefully not longer than a week at the most.

To Celeste63 - sorry I've been inactive in my replies to our RP. Things have gotten so suddenly crazy. I haven't even touched the computer in the last few days. :C I'll send my reply later (when I get home, after signing lease paperwork tonight.) Sorry, hon! ♥


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Devlyn Dust
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Born and raise in the US of A, I grew up as that odd, imaginative child. It really took from when I began writing and grew from there. I'm hoping that maybe someday that will eventually turn into something I can utilize as more than just a hobby.

I am always open to suggestions from readers and am always very honored by anyone who does fanart of anything to do with my writing. I really like getting feedback, so please don't hesitate to leave me some comments - I will try my very best to answer each one.

My writing centers largely around original characters, worlds and concepts - both my own and those of a select few friends. Specifically my partner, Helliotose's characters, because they have been so much fun to write, and since she does a large portion of artwork of the characters featured in my stories.

I am always open to comments and very willing to meet new people on here. If you ever have any questions or want to give input anywhere, please do!



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